Big Horn Creek

Big Horn Creek


Big Horn Creek has a wide range of rich multi-colored hues of rust, bronze, and copper created from the stone's iron content. There is unique and extensive variance with a core color being a blue toned grey.

Finishes and cuts offered: 

  • Ledgestone (2-7" heights, 6-16" lengths)
  • Random/Mosaic (3-8" heights, 6-24"+ lengths)
  • Random/Mosaic Large Face (8-16"+ heights, 10-24"+ lengths)
  • Squares/Rectangles (7-11"+ heights, 10-20"+ lengths)
  • Tumbled (2-7" heights, 6-16" lengths)
  • Stacked Ledge (2-7" heights, 6-16"+ lengths)

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