Aux Vases

Aux Vases


This stone has long been known by many stone masons throughout the years as one of the best quality and easiest working stones. Mixed colors of soft blues and buff.

:: 4-12" Snapped (random split heights)

:: 4-12" Tumbled (random split heights)

:: Dimensional Tumbled (2.25/5/7.75/10.5" Heights)

:: Dimensional Snapped (2.25/5/7.75/10.5" Heights)

:: Drystack Snapped (4/6/8" Heights)

:: Ledgestone Snapped (2.25" Heights)

:: Ledstone Tumbled (3 5/8" Heights)

:: Ledgstone Snapped (3 5/8" Heights)

:: Natural Bed Snapped (Buff Only)

:: Rubble Tumbled (Mix Blue/Buff)

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